White Industries Gravel Wheels

These wheels were built as part of the Delta Cycling stand at the Zesdaagse Rotterdam. It was great fun to build wheels so publicly and to talk to so many of you about bike parts and bike racing for the coming year! Thanks to every that came by the stand to say hello. Now is your chance to pick up a sweet gravel/CX/road disc wheelset for those summer adventures you're probably already planning... Check out the info below.


White Industries CLD x DT Swiss RR421

Lifetime warranty
24/28 spokes, 2x front, 3x rear.
142x12mm rear, 100x12/15mm front.
Includes WTB tires (tubeless)

Perfect for:
Gravel Grindeurs
Getting ice cream with friends
Riding at sunset only to realise you forgot your lights
Missing hit "that" tree by "seriously a half centimeter, dude"
Riding your bike
Getting lost


Not suitable for:
Extra serious bike-shop-sponsored group rides
KOM Hunting® (excl. mtb routes on your CX bike)
Riding at sunset and remembering to bring your lights
Riding the same route everyday


Bij interesse: parallelhandbuilt@gmail.com