Aivee may be a new name to most, but with more than 30 years of experience in the machining sector, they are certainly not a new player in the game. Aivee is a French company responsible for creating some beautifully simple hubsets fit for any application. With a tight line up of mountain and road bike hubs boasting high durability and surprisingly low weight, Aivee make crafts a budget hub that will likely be one of the longest lasting components you have.

With their manufacturing facility in Sainte Florence, France, the production process for their flagship SR5 road hub begins with some of the finest tooling and machining. As most hub manufacturers of this high calibre, Aivee begins with a solid bar of 7075 T6 aluminium and slowly machines that bar down to a beautifully minimalist hub shell, tying together low weight and extreme durability.


Bringing performance into the mix, Aivee spins in a nitride steel 30 tooth drive ring, and couples it with a 3-pawl cassette body for fast engagement and longevity. Wrap all of this up with sealed EZO bearing made in Japan, and you’ve got a great budget hub guaranteed to effortlessly carry you over thousands of kilometers.