Bikepacking Driedaagse


You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in the Bikepacking Driedaagse in June. Also, I'm going to write it in English for the international crowd. If English isn't your favorite, and you need the info in Dutch, let me know.

First off, there are some changes to this years event. Due to the growth in popularity, I have to make the event much more independent than last year... I'll explain what that means in a minute. The idea of this event is to organise a free, fun way to get people on their bikes with tents and other gear, wandering the countryside looking for snacks before sleeping under the stars. However, with the number of registrations I've received, I'd be forced to charge a bunch of money to rent whole campsites and organise every detail of the event to keep everyone safe and happy... and that's just missing the point... So, without further adieu, the new Bikepacking Driedaagse for 2019...

Bikepacking Driedaagse 2019

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This is still required. Even though this is a self-supporting event, I'd still feel guilty if you got lost. Before you can join, please register giving your name, email, phone number etc. And yes, there will be a WhatsApp group made, and yes, it's a little annoying, sorry not sorry.

We will meet at Parallel HQ/Coppi Koffie and ride away together, because riding together is fun. After a few KM's, the differing routes will split up on to their chosen route. Additionally on the route itself, groups will split up based on tempo and distance goals. Coming to the event alone and want to ride together with other people? Don't worry, there will be groups to join, just ask what their plans are first (speed, distances, etc.) and make sure that matches your idea of a fun day.

A couple routes will be made available, varying in length and difficulty. These routes criss-cross a bit so there will be plenty of places where you'll see other people out bikepacking. Places like the Velosoof in Eindhoven and the Leeuwen van Vlaanderen are on the route and will be "checkpoints" where most people will likely eat a meal and chill out for a bit

There are couple points where all three routes will cross over each other. The routes are designed in a way that if you maintain a specific average speed, you will arrive at the crossover at roughly the same time to other cyclists. For example, you'll have to maintain 20km/h average for the shorter route, 25km/h for the middle/gravel, and 30km/h for the longer route. This is roughly speaking, you will receive another mail soon with more accurate estimates along with the routes.

There are tons of camping sites in NL/BE ranging from very free to mildly expensive. You can choose. This is an essential skill when bikepacking, so now is a great time to practice! If you're looking for the free spots check here for an ever-growing list. Don't forget to always always always practice No Trace when camping! These free sites get shut down all the time because of people leaving there trash/poop/etc. behind. Don't be "that guy". You have to find your own camping. The reason there are no fixed campings organised this year like there were last year is because of the number of participants. There are no single campings in the area where the routes go that can handle 50+ cyclists at one time.

Everyone's gotta eat. Everyone's gotta find their own food. This event takes place on a national holiday weekend in NL and BE, this means a lot of stuff will be closed... plan ahead!

Everyone will finish at their own tempo. I personally will be ending at Parallel HQ where the fridge will be fully stocked with chilled beverages and ready-to-go pizza. However, I will update you at a later date at what time this will be at (evening in any case). A shower and changing room is available at Parallel HQ, and yes, you may leave your bag etc. behind.

All the best,
Joergen Trepp
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