a pro mechanic for everyone

De mechanieker is de spil van de wielersport. Zonder een professionele mechanieker die de fietsen perfect in orde maakt gaat er geen enkele koers door. Hoe mooi de fiets ook is, een slecht onderhouden en afgestelde fiets rijdt niet goed. Regelmatig onderhoud is dan ook van essentieel belang. Dankzij Delta Cycling en Parallel Handbuilt kan vanaf nu iedereen, van zondagsrijders tot elite-renners, zijn fiets laten onderhouden door een professionele mechanieker.

Tuesday 12-17u30
Wednesday 12-17u30
Thursday 10-17u30
Friday 10-19u

parallel handbuilt, mechanieker

With experience pulled from the professional peloton, Parallel sets your bike in the workstand with the expertise and attention required by the high-level athletes of Delta Cycling. Below are the three basic levels of service offered. All repairs accepted, no beurt required.

basis beurt - €55

Every morning before a race, before the cameras are turned on. Before the racers step out of the bus. Even before the birds are chirping, every team mechanic is already busy checking every bike for the long day ahead. The basis beurt gets your bike in line for the weekend of racing ahead. Every component is controlled and brought into adjustment, however replacement of components comes with a surcharge.

totaal beurt - €85

After a long period of racing, the team bikes are ready to be thrown in the stand for a little TLC. New chains, cassettes, chainrings, and maybe a some fresh handlebar tape. The totaal beurt gets your bike back in line after a period of inattention. Headed to France for the week? Or maybe you've got a full agenda of races and rides in the coming month? This level of service is perfect for you.

overhaul - €120

At the begin of every season, or after the classics, all team bikes are taken apart. Bearings are swapped, tubulars are re-glued, wheels brought up to tension, drivetrains are swapped, and cockpits are refreshed for the summer season of racing. Been a while since your bike has truly been looked after? This level of service is for you then.