Parallel Handbuilt offers a limited warranty on craftsmanship for the life of the rim on all wheelsets built with Parallel supplied components, for the original owner of the wheels only. This warranty covers the craftsmanship of the wheels. All manufacturer's original warranties on rims, hubs, spokes and nipples will be honoured so long as possible. 

The Parallel Craftmanship Warranty does NOT cover the following items:

  • Crash damage or breakage as the result of crash damage or trauma. *See Crash Replacement.

  • Damage incurred in shipping / transport.

  • Normal wear and tear of riding, racing, and travel.

  • Normal wear and tear that results in out-of-true wheels, lack of regular service.

  • Abuse of product.

  • Component incompatibility issues.

  • Used / clearance wheelsets or any sale discounted below our normal pricing.

Warranty claims:  Owners are responsible for returning wheels to Parallel Handbuilt for evaluation prior to honouring a warranty repair or rebuild. Wheels must be stripped of skewers, tires, rim tape, and cassette prior to return. Please contact us to discuss and arrange a possible warranty return situation.

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crash replacement

If your wheel gets damaged in an accident, no matter whose fault it was, you can get a new one from us at an adjusted price. 

In the event of irreparable damage, you may receive a discount off the current price of your wheel or the closest available wheel option from the Parallel wheel lineup. 

Your irreparable Parallel product will automatically become our property once you redeem this offer. Just send in the broken wheel, without the skewer, tire, rim tape, and cassette. Parallel will then dispose of your wheel in a proper and safe manner.

Please contact Parallel for questions about this program or to begin a crash replacement wheel build. 

The Crash Replacement Policy is available only for original owners of our wheels - customers who purchased Parallel wheels second-hand cannot take advantage of this program. All wheels must be turned in with proof of original purchase (Parallel Handbuilt Build Report) or with rim signature legible. Parallel reserves the right to refuse a Crash Replacement build for any reason at any time.