Winter Wheelbuilding Class

Wheelbuilding is a skilled craft, and the best way to learn any trade or craft is by doing. Even better is to have someone with an expertise who can guide you along, and so for four Sundays in December, January, and February, Parallel Handbuilt will be offering a wheelbuilding course.


With this course, you will be able to learn basic wheelbuilding by building off of theoretical and practical instruction. Starting on day one we dive into terminology, basic construction, and tool usage. Day two, three, and four you will begin to build your wheels. Ideally by the end of the fourth day you should be able to go home and throw your wheels in your bike and ride, but if that doesn't work out, there will be loaner truing stands to finish things up later on.

Class size is limited to two people, and there will be two rounds for a maximum of four students this winter. There will be a wait list in case anyone drops out, or just to wait for the next round. Classes will be given in Dutch, with probably a little English in between. If Dutch ain’t your thing, please get in touch first.

Costs are outlined below. The final cost of your wheels will be determined by which components you chose to build with. Students will be limited to non-exotic components and aluminium rims.

Class and tool loan - €150
Wheel Materials - €300 and up
Coffee and cake - Free

Dates and times:
To be determined

To enrol fill in the form below. Students will be chosen via lottery.

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