Supported Rider - Stan van der Meer

A little while back I announced an opportunity to be a "sponsored" rider through Parallel Handbuilt. Well, at first "sponsored" was the wrong word to use, and secondly, it's a lot harder to organise than I gave it credit. In any case however, it's all coming together now and I happy to announce the first of a select few Supported Riders from Parallel.

Supported riders exist to help me as a builder learn even more quickly about individual products and their characteristics. These riders are sent out into group rides, criteriums, cyclocross circuits, all with the goal of putting real world use behind the numbers of wheelbuilding. Additionally through this relationship, these cyclists have a wheelbuilder standing behind them at every turn of their progression, making sure their equipment is high quality enough to support them, and that it is always in perfect shape.

Stan lives and studies in Delft and currently races with WTOS, with the goal of stepping up to the Elite level for road in the coming year. Stan is now running a set of 55mm deep Duke Baccara's on his Trek Emonda. Stan's currently busy getting everything back in a line while recovering from some knee troubles, but make sure to follow his wheel when you see him on the parcours later this year.