K-Lite Dynamo Lighting

Tucked away on far more "pro" bikepacking rigs than you can imagine is the tech from Kerry of K-Lite out of Australia. With several lamps ranging from road-oriented all the way to "getting lost in the outback holy-shit-was-that-just-a-scorpion", the up-to 1300 lumens has you covered.

An 80kg cyclist with 15kg gear riding at 27.96km/h with a SON 28 hub producing it's maximum output will slow the rider to 27.53k/h. A difference of 0.43km/h. Dynamo's are no longer slow noisy things, but sleek and beautiful hubs enabling you to keep going into the night or into the mountains, as long as you want.

*Prices are including BTW and mounting of your new lighting system. When combined with a new wheelset K-Lite products are eligible for a "bundle" discount.

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