Three days getting as lost as possible in Brabant and Belgium? Yeah, that sounds about right.


Thanks everyone for coming! What a wonderful weekend! See ya next time!

Bikepacking Driedaagse

What - Bikepacking psuedo-gravel-exploration-extravaganza. Or "How I rode my bike all weekend my tons of stuff on it with my best friends".

Where - From Rotterdam Centraal to Eindhoven, Eindhoven to Antwerp, and Antwerp back to Rotterdam.

When - Friday 15 June @ 17h through 17 June

How - A bike, some bags and a couple straps, a tent (or not), a sleeping bag, and so many snacks.

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We will all leave Rotterdam Friday evening towards Eindhoven. Those who cannot leave Friday evening have the option to join Saturday morning in Eindhoven for the rest of the ride, or in Antwerp for the ride back to Rotterdam.

We will ride between Rotterdam and Eindhoven on mostly paved roads, but will jump onto gravel here and there, with 28mm tires you will make it, but struggle, and with 32-35mm tires you're going to be having the maximum amount of fun.

Friday night we will camp just outside of Eindhoven.

Saturday morning wake up, break down camp, clean up, and head to Velosoof in Eindhoven for breakfast and to meet any cyclists joining up. After food we will again ride as a group out of Eindhoven towards Antwerp.

Between Eindhoven and Antwerp, the route will be as offroad as possible. There will be alternative routes available for those not interested in playing in the woods.

Saturday evening is the same story, camp just outside of Antwerp after beers and foods in the city.

Sunday morning we will get up, break down camp, and head to Rotterdam. Breakfast is best on the bike, however halfway there will be a "puntje" tart.

At the end we will meet up at Coppi Koffie en Fietsen in Rotterdam, celebrate, eat, and share stories.

Important to note that this whole weekend is "self-supported". This means that spare inner tubes, food, tent, sleeping bag... this is all up to you! Obviously, no one is going to leave you for dead with a flat tire, but please, come prepared. Not sure what you need? Send an email today, or ask the cyclist sitting next to you!